Golden Sands…….Lanzarote Part 2

I just remembered I had another “Golden sands” type photo that I took last week although the light was fading a bit fast at the time. I kept the sun out of the frame to reduce the sun being to bright in the picture but you can still notice it is there. The following night the sky was absolutely amazing but of course I didn´t realise until it was too late to get anywhere worth taking a photo. This was taken in Puerto del Carmen, a popular beachfront area in Lanzarote however there were not mnay people on the beach at this time. As I set up my mini-tripod ( I may do a  little review on it sometime), rugged up with a hooded top/jacket and beanie I noticed one tourist walking down to the water with their towel going for a swim!!!!! Now that´s pretty keen. Maybe they just wanted to catch the last golden rays of sunlight just like me but in a different way:)


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