Golden sands……….Lanzarote

It´s always good to go to different places to take new photos but of course you return to some that are familiar to you or in this case relatively closeby. What is really nice to see but sometimes hard to capture is that golden light upon the sand but this time I was able to get close. The sun was setting (of course) and as it got lower there was a golden glow on the sand. It´s not easy to get the sky blown out with its brightness but a filter can help balance things out a bit. You only get a few minutes so this was an attempt to capture that golden glow. It may not be the most picturesque place around the island or my favourite place but it´s handy to home and worth a short drive.

It´s always good to have clouds in the sky as they add more detail to the image and create a better impact than a clear, lifeless sky. Also when the light is right there are amazing colours and patterns in the sky that can be drawn out with the use of ND Grad Filters.


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