Lanzarote…Stormy skies

Just wanted to share a photo from a couple of weeks ago. A very windy evening but worth getting down to Arrecife for a few shots of this amazing stormy sky. Just the type of sky that makes for a photo with lots of impact. Managed to capture a bit of motion in the water as well which works nicely with the scene. In the distance are the carnival rides that had been up for a couple of weeks but are not there now. There was amazing light this morning shining through some big dark grey clouds however I was on my way to work so impossible to do anything about it.

I tried a few more portrait style photos, low down near the bottom step which showed more of the sky, but I like the landscape format as well. On my Flickr photostream you can see one with some water spraying up in the foreground. Taken with the Canon 500D & Sigma 10-20mm (plus Hitech ND 0.9).


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