Lanzarote……..seeing in Black & White

With lovely blue skies and impressive sunsets, there are many good opportunities to take wonderful colour photos of Lanzarote. However there are times when colour just doesn´t work. During the summer, the landscape can be a bit dusty and lifeless or the sky lacks impact. I usually do not take many photos during the hotter summer months but sometimes it is still worth getting out to see what happens. Yesterday I went out in the evening but after I put the photos on the computer they were a bit dull and lifeless. So, I processed them with a great Black&White plug-in called Nik Silver Efex and I managed to produce a pleasing black and white image ( In my eyes anyway:) )

On other occassions I have found that processing a photo in B&W can give it lot sof impact and create more mood or drama to the image. I love skies with big or interesting skies and when they come I try to get out for a few photos.

Not every type of photo will work but when the image has some interesting light or strong contrasts it is worth experimenting to see what you come up with.


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