Afternoon in Arrecife……………………..

Went to El Charco de San Gines in Arrecife for a couple of photos. Normally I take all my photos the other way but the sun was still too bright/harsh so I opted for a few shots on the other side of the bridge. Not many people around but quite a blue sky with lots of great white clouds. This time I took the Canon 500D and Sigma 10-20mm wide-angle lens as I haven´t used it for some time. I really like the views you get with this lens however it is important to have some interesting foreground in the image. It´s not the usual time of day that I would be out taking photos but I did pop out for about 10 minutes shooting again before sunset. Hope to post a few of those photos on the Blog soon.

The tide had been out so it was a bit squelchy underfoot. Normally this part of El Charco is underwater so I was able to move around closer to the bridge. Had to be careful not to step on any broken glass as obviously people have thrown their bottles in from time to time.


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