Views from the Mirador del Rio………Lanzarote

Last weekend I was up in the North of Lanzarote at Orzola so I decided to go for a drive up to the Mirador Del Rio. It´s been ages since I´ve been there so it was nice to visit again and appreciate the amazing views across to the island of La Graciosa. There were some great white clouds that day which was a bonus as they certainly added to the scene. Below are a selction of images from the day.

(From the top viewing part)


( A couple of other people enjoying the view)


(From the lower viewing area)


A few people were around but not too many which was nice as it´s a quiet place to enjoy the view whilst enjoying a coffee. However as I was leaving  a large group came in so I was lucky to go at the time I did. The north of the island is getting quite green now with the recent rain and various wild flowers are starting to appear. I am sure that in a couple of weeks it will look really nice. I took the Sony Nex-C3 with the 16mm and fisheye converter lens as well as my Sigma DP2 camera. I am still amazed at the Image Quality of the Sigma cameras and the new DP cameras are amazing too. The fisheye converter is great to use as it gives you a different field of view and really changes traditional photo scenes.

It was quite windy up there at times so I took along my little SLIK mini-sprint II tripod. I will hopefully get around to processing a few more of my travel photos from Melbourne so I can write Part 3 of Travelling with the Sony Nex….

(Remember these images have been saved for web viewing but in reality/print they are much sharper).



2 thoughts on “Views from the Mirador del Rio………Lanzarote

    • You would love to be here now as it is getting very green and the evening skies are quite impressive. It´s my favourite time for photography as the landscape is changing. Regards, Evan

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