Sigma 10-20mm on Full frame Camera……

A few people have contacted me about using the Sigma 10-20mm on a Full frame Camera as I have used this combination on my Canon 1Ds mark ii. In order for the lens to work without any vignetting you have to use a KENKO 1.4 x tele-converter. I have the one with a blue dot on it which I think was the newer one. The resulting set-up leaves you with an equivalent of a 14-28mm lens on a Full Frame Camera. You will lose one stop of light but if you are using this for landscape shots then it´s no big deal.

Image Quality.

I have four A3+ framed prints in my house and they look fine. Also a 70 x 50 cm framed print which looks great.

The reason I used the Sigma 10-20mm was that I had it for my Canon 500D and it was cheaper than paying 600 euros for a Canon 17-40mm L lens and I really didn´t want to get rid of the lens as I used it on the 500D quite a lot.

Here are some sample images. Remember they are saved for WEB so the real life resolution is better.




If any one has any comments or questions please feel free to ask:)


18 thoughts on “Sigma 10-20mm on Full frame Camera……

  1. Thanks Evan …. this was so helpful, as I was having real problems trying to hunt down this combo on Flickr. Your right, these pics look great. My only issue would be that I’m mostly shooting interior architecture, and the loss of light may be a real problem, especially when I shoot video. Currently I’m shooting with a Canon 60D ( love this camera ) , but I know I will crack and buy a full image sensor Canon one of these days….so this blog is priceless. My best friends mother , who is English, owns a winter home on Lanzarote, loves it, and has ben going there for years. I’ve never been, but one day. You can check out my photo’s here ,

    cheers from Colorado ski country, BW

  2. Hey, thanks for the post I found it really helpful too. I’m currently using a Sigma 10-20 f/3.5 on my 7D, but I want to buy a 6D and use it on that if possible.

    Is this the teleconverter you used – Kenko Teleplus PRO 300 DGX 1.4x AF Teleconverter

    I emailed Kenko an they said the Teleplus DGX does not support SIGMA, but people seem to be using it just fine.


    • Hi there, that is the same converter that I have and it works perfectly fine. Not sure where you are based but the best thing would be to take your lens in to a shop that stocks both the 6D and Kenko converter to make sure but I´ve read that people have used them on the 5D mark 11 without problems so I´d assume that you´d be ok. Good luck with your puchase. Regards, Evan (LightofLanzarote)

  3. Hey Evan, I’m in Sydney, Australia. That’s a good idea I’ll try it out in store. I’ll let you know how I go! Thanks.

  4. I recently purchased the Sigma 10-20mm lens in Singapore. The nice man (hmm) in the shop assured me it was compatible with my full frame Eos 5D Mark 3. Unfortunately, it was only when I got to my home country I tried it on my camera that I discovered that the man was either lying or doesn’t know his job. I also have a 40D which is fine with the lens, but was really looking forward to using it with the Mark 3. I was rather depressed having been taken for a ride, but delighted now that there may be a solution using the Kenko 1.4x teleconverter, recommended by Evan. Thanks a bundle Evan and I look forward to trying it out.

    • Hi John, I hope it works out okay on the Mark 3. I was pleased with the results using the Kenko 1.4x converter on Full frame and I still use the Sigma 10-20mm on my Canon 500D and Sony Nex cameras with an adapter. All teh best, Evan

  5. Hi Evan I just bought the Canon 6D and i have a SIGMA 10-20 I just want to know if the Kenko 1.4x will work on my camera? Thanks. By the way I´m from Nicaragua!

    • Hi there, thanks for stopping by. I am pretty sure that it will work because another person who commented on here had the 6D and the Sigma 10-20mm with the Kenko 1.4x converter. My converter has a small blue dot on it. It will give you a 14-28mm zoom on the Canon Full frame. Try it out in a shop if you can just to make sure:) Suerte, Evan

    • Dear Sir,

      I recently bought the Sigma 10mm-20mm lens for use with my EOS 5D Mark III, which was recommended to me by the photographic store I bought it from in Singapore and was assured by them it was compatible with full frame. You can imagine my disappointment and dispair when I discovered it’s incompatibility! I searched the internet for a solution and found your blog. Since then, as you suggested, I bought the Kenko 1.4 teleconverter and it did the trick! I can now use my lens without any ‘cut off’ at the edges with my Mark III. And into the bargain also use the teleconverter quite happily with my Canon EF 100-300. Thanks so much for your helpful advice. Yours indebted, John

      • Hello John, that´s great news. I am glad that you have found a solution and you are enjoying using the lenses without any problems. All the best, Evan

  6. All I can say is wow, wow, wow!!!
    I have just purchased a 6D and was gutted I may have to sell my very worn 10-20mm for a fraction of the original cost on an auction site. This has made my day knowing I only have to shell out £90 to buy the kenko extender. Many thanks for taking the time to post this on your blog. You are a lifesaver! Cannot wait to try it out. Thumbs up!!!

  7. I got one, Evan and it worked at 12mm no problem! Amazing!!! Thanks again and for the reply!
    I am on Flickr if you would like to stop and look. Username Kdsmith.

  8. Hi Evan, I’ve recently upgraded from a 7D to a 6D, & was gutted to find that my 10-20mm sigma wouldn’t work. So I did some googling, & after reading more bad news I stumbled upon this post! I’m excited to know that I may not have to give up one of my favourite lens’.

    I do have a question though – I read elsewhere that while the teleconverter fixes the issue, it also looses sharpness. Losing 1 stop of light doesn’t bother me, losing sharpness would. – your photos don’t look like they have lost any sharpness is this the case or would I need to sharpen in Lightroom?

    • Hi there, good to hear that the lens is working on your new 6D. I used to process my photos in Lightroom and then add a bit of sharpness in Photoshop afterwards. I had an older version of Lightroom but you could do the sharpening in Lightroom. I have a few A3+ prints in my house using the 1Ds mark ii and the Sigma 10-20mm and they look fine. You do lose a stop of light but I didn´t notice any significant loss of sharpness. Hope this helps.

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