Travelling with the Sony Nex…………Part 3

Just wanted to share a few more photos from Melbourne, Australia taken with the Sony Nex-C3 back in July/August 2012. As mentioned in earlier posts, the Nex camera was great to use as it was far more compact and lighter than travelling with a DSLR. At home I am finding that I am taking the Nex out for photos more and more and neglecting my DSLR´s but I am making an effort to use the others from time to time.

I was able to put the camera, a spare lens and my tripod in a Quiksilver sling/cargo bag or just keep the camera in the big pocket of my jacket for easy access.

On my DSLR´s I don´t have the swivel or tilting screen (although newer models do) so I could easily compose and take shots like the one above of chillies growing in plant pots behind the Arts centre in Melbourne.

I took a lot of photos with the Nex-C3 and the OM Zuiko 24mm f/2.8 lens on a Tilt adapter which was great fun to use. As I am from Melbourne I wanted to take some different photos for a change so this allowed me to experiment a bit more with my photography.

This last photo of the Polly Woodside Boat was taken with the Sony 16mm f/2.8 lens on a tripod. Along the banks of the Yarra there are many great photo opportunities, especially when the lights are on. There were quite a few people out that night taking photos at various spots along SouthBank.

Of course I have many more photos of Melbourne but hopefully in the Christmas holidays I will be able to put them onto some DVD´s and organise them a bit more. Once again, I highly recommend the Sony Nex cameras for travelling as well as everyday shooting. They are producing some new lenses for the system such as the 16-50mm however I won´t be buying any more lenses as I am more than happy with what I have got:) Any comments or questions welcomed. Enjoy:)


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