Sigma 10-20mm on Sony Nex

I thought that I would try out my Sigma 10-20mm (Canon EOS fit) lens on my Sony Nex C-3 as I have an EOS to Nex adapter. The adapter I have has a built in tripod mount which is a bonus as a heavy lens sitting on the Nex is not too good. In the past I have been using the 16mm f/2.8 lens on its own or with the wide-angle converter lens and the results have been fine. With the Sigma 10-20mm I have to focus in manual of course but have the ability to zoom from 15mm to 30mm (equivalent) on the Nex which is quite a handy option to have.


I used a circular polariser which is usually on my lens but hopefully I will try out some other filters to see how they perform. It was quite a cold day, once again raining in the morning but it stopped allowing me to take a short drive to test out the set-up. It was a bit windy so the water wasn´t very still but I went because of the big white clouds that make a great addition to photos.


For this second shot I was right at the waters edge but it was a bit difficult to see the screen to frame. However it did turn out okay but maybe I should get one of those hooded loupe things to put over the screen as the light can be very bright here in Lanzarote. I will try to test out this set-up during the week, weather permitting, as it appears to be quite versatile.

Both shots taken at f/11 but I will test out the lens at f/14 as well. Once the lens is mounted I cannot change the aperture but if I am going to take landscape/seascape shots then it´s not going to matter.


2 thoughts on “Sigma 10-20mm on Sony Nex

    • Hi there, it´s just a Canon EOS to Nex adapter. You cannot adjust the aperture and it is manual focus only. I set the aperture of the lens on my Canon EOS (normally f/11 or f/14) then mount it on my Nex.
      Hope this helps, Evan

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