Sigma 10-20mm on Sony Nex…….part 2 (updated)

As mentioned in my previous post I was trying out my Sigma 10-20mm lens (Canon DSLR fit) on my Sony Nex camera to see how it worked. I managed to try out this set-up last week and found that it worked quite well. On the Sony Nex cameras they have something called “focus-peaking” when you use manual lenses so this came in very handy when trying to focus. Also you can magnify the view by 15x so if you also use this feature then your results will improve. Of course I was using a tripod but it was not my larger heavy duty tripod. Here´s an example of the Sigma 10-20mm on the Sony Nex-C3.


This is a photo of Arrecife looking back from the paved walkway that leads out to the Castillo de San Gabriel.

What was really good that night was the fact that there were a lot of storm clouds hanging around so even when the light was gone, by using a long exposure you could capture some twilight and the clouds as well. Without them I think that the photo would not have so much impact. I have a few more photos that I will post next time which were 30 second exposures but the blue of the twilight along with the lights of Arrecife looked very nice.  This shot was a 6 second exposure at f/14, iso 200. I cannot change the aperture of the lens but I am experimenting to see which aperture gives the best results. Once again as this image is saved for web size,  it may be lacking a bit of sharpness.


Here are  acouple more images from the same night taken around Arrecife.

ArrecifeNexSigma1020mm        -2



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