Worth the wait…….

In the afternoon there were some whispy clouds in the sky (of course) and I though that it might be worth a quick drive that evening to capture the sunset. This place is only a 5 minute drive away so it is quite handy. During the day time it is quite uninspiring however I have found a couple of good spots with rockpools and some nice rocks that make for good foreground interest. I used the B&W ND64x filter plus another ND.9 filter so it was quite hard to see but I managed to work it out. As the light was fading it was even more difficult but I managed to frame the shots pretty accurately. I think this was abut a 70 second esposure. I was able to capture some great colour in the sky and a bit of a reflection in the water. In the end I had to take off the B&W64x filter because I couldn´t see a thing or even focus. I have not used it very much but now that I have Christmas holidays I will be testing it out a lot more. I used my Canon 500D (T1i) and the Sigma 10-20mm lens. The good thing about the Canon is that I have a remote control whereas on my Sony Nex-C3 I don´t  have that option so when shooting long exposures a remote control is vital. I will try to post a couple more shots during the next few days but here is one that I was happy with:)

Lanzarote skies


3 thoughts on “Worth the wait…….

  1. Cool image, fantastic light you’ve managed to capture, I think the 70 sec exposure worked a treat.

    If it was me I’d be tempted to go for a more panoramic shot, taking a bit off the top and the bottom 🙂

    • Thanks for the comment. I actually have another cropped shot that I did as a panorama on my computer:) Sometimes I like to do that with some of my seascapes as it gives a nice look. Regards, Evan

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