Sigma DP cameras………2012

I was very interested in the Sigma DP cameras for a long time as they offered great image quality in a small package but they were quite expensive at the time. I was able to get a Sigma DP1s for a very good price on E-bay and have enjoyed using it during the year. It is not the most flexible camera to use but I wanted one for great IQ, not for everyday snaps, video or low light photography. This year Sigma released both the Sigma DP1 merrill and the DP2 merrill cameras and the detail and image quality I have seen from these cameras on the internet is amazing.

I have tended to use the Sigma DP1s and Sigma DP2 quite a bit this year alongside my Sony Nex-C3 as they are very lightweight, compact and I know that the IQ is there. I thought that I would post some of my favourite photos from the Sigma DP cameras on my Blog. Most are around Lanzarote but there are a few from Valencia when we visited earlier in the year. It was nice to travel with the Sigma DP1s and have it in a little bag. I did take my Canon 500D with a 50mm prime lens but did not use it much. Anyway here are some photos……….









And a few from Valencia…………




The Sigma Dp cameras weigh as much as one battery for my 1Ds2 so you can see the reason why I like to use them:)

Remember these images have been resized for web viewing but in real life prints they are super sharp:)


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