Barcelona………..from the archives

I have been using my compact camera, the Panasonic LumixLX3, recently to take some macro photos of flowers. I haven´t used it in awhile but it reminded me how it was a very handy camera that produced pleasing results. I remembered when I took it to Barcelona on a holiday a couple of years back along with my DSLR, but ended up using it a lot more as it was small, convenient and very versatile. Here are a selection of images from Barcelona (which is a great city to visit) using the LX3.


This is my favourite photo from the time in Barcelona and one I nearly didn´t have as I had a problem with my memory card but I managed to retrieve the files. I was very relieved when I got them back as I had taken over 100 photos and then the memory card would not show a thing!!!!!


You have the ability to focus very close, using the macro setting, which gets you about 1cm away from the object. This is one of the reasons that I bought the camera in the first place.




Sometimes I like to take a photo of the food I am eating. I am sure I am not the only one:)

Barcelona Candles

Another one of my favourite images from the holiday. Once again the close focus came in handy.

I have always thought carefully about which compact camera to get as there are so many, yet not all offer a range of features or deliver in the image quality department. I tend to shoot closer now so a long zoom is not something I would be looking at. The Panasonic LX3 has sinced been replaced by the LX5 and now LX7 but they both look very good. Also Fuji have just released a very impressive looking camera, the Fuji X20, which would be an ideal travel camera for me but of course different people have different needs when it comes to photography. For future travels I will be taking my Sony-Nex but as it is very small and light I can always throw in the LX3 or Sigma DP camera.

I will have to look for some B&W photos from Barcelona and post them in another Blog entry.


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