Tomioka 55mm f/1.4…….

Awhile ago now I began to buy a few older manual lenses for my cameras. With lots of people using manual lenses now, on DSLR´s and Compact System cameras, the prices have gone up a bit but there are plenty of choices. One of the lenses that I bought some time ago is the Tomioka 55mm f/1.4 lens which was made in Japan. There are other versions such as the Chinon or Rikenon but the one I bought was an actual Tomioka brand lens. I haven´t used it in some time but the other week I put it on my Canon 1Ds mark 2 to take a few flower photos. To get a little closer, I added the Canon 250D close-up lens which doesn´t degrade the quality. Here are a couple of examples:)

Paint-me-a-picture Tomioka-flowers


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