A little bit of Jupiter 3……………………

Following on from my last post with the Fujian 35mm cctv lens ( I will add some more photos soon ) I thought that I´d post about another manual lens that I used on my Sony Nex…The Jupiter-3 50mm f/1.5. It´s quite an old Russian lens that I have an adapter for so tried it out for a few shots. It feels quite solid but is quite compact which is important for me in keeping the kit small. I would like to try out a few portraits with it but haven´t had the chance yet.

The first shot was taken with the Jupiter-3 and an Olympus close-up adapter lens.


This next shot is a Triptych taken of some of the old fishing boats in Arrecife.


The field of view was quite tight when I was taking the boats but the Bokeh is quite nice. I prefer the Fujian 35mm FOV but I am sure that for portraits the Jupiter would be great. All of the lenses I use on the Sony Nex and in fact all of my cameras are prime lenses (except the Sigma 10-20mm wide angle lens) so I really enjoy slowing down a bit and trying something different. I think that next time I go on holidays I may just take the 16mm ( and wide-angle / fisheye converter lenses) and the Fujian 35mm cctv lens. One on each Nex body for a lightweight and compact set-up.

We will see:)


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