Keeping it light…………….

Sometimes it is nice to just pop a small camera in your packet or a small bag just in case you come across something when you are out and about. Although I love the image quality I get from my DSLR´s, by the time you pack 1 or 2 lenses the weight adds up. I bought the Sony Nex system so I could get great IQ but in a lightweight package and now that is my travel camera. However I still have my Panasonic Lumix LX3 which is great to have with you and can produce some very nice images, especially macros. The other day I took it along when my wife and I went down to the Southern part of the island and I am glad I had it with me to get the following images….



A couple from yesterday……..



It was very windy but the LX3 and other models have built in image stabilisation which is very handy.


I have had this camera for probably 4 or more years but it can still produce some very nice images, in fact I had a few A3 sized black and white prints I took in Barcelona framed in my house as well as the cover for my BLURB book about Barcelona. If I was ever to upgrade it I think I would go for the Sony Cybershot RX100 as it is a little smaller but from the images I have seen, it has great IQ. The macro may not be as close as the Panasonic but there are ways to work around that. Finally a couple of shots from the archives (2009) when I took along the LX3 just on its own.




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