It´s actually quite amazing that after nearly 9 years of living here, I have never taken photos on my own in Famara. It´s a very beautiful place to go, especially as it gets some wonderful light, however I have normally gone to the same places around Lanzarote and somehow missed getting to Famara too often. If anyone wants to see some kite surfers it is probably the place to go in Lanzarote and with a long beach there are often many people practicing.

The other evening, I was going to go inland for a few photos but as I came to the roundabout I thought I´d change direction to catch the last light in Famara. It wasn´t the most amazing or inspiring sky but I came across a lifesaver´s hut that really stood out so managed to get a few photos.


I was using my Sony Nex-F3 with the 16mm f/2.8 lens and the Sony VCL-ECU1 which is the wide-angle adapter lens. It was great to have that extra bit of width to capture more of the scene as well as being able to get in a bit closer to the hut.

The only thing I was a bit worried about was the spray from the beach but I always give my camera and lenses a clean when I get home just in case. A few more photos…..


A wider shot of the hut.


Someone enjoying a run on the beach with their dog:)


Facing the other way, catching the last light/glow. You can just make out the last kite-surfer catching the last waves before heading in.

For a short photo outing it was worth it. Sometimes it´s good to change direction to find out what might happen:)


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