Where the goats gather…………….

Here are a collection of photos from the archives that I always wanted to share but of course the more photos you take over time you just store them on the computer or external hard drive and forget about them.

In Tinajo, every year, the men start out early to round up their goats who have been living wild for months around the mountains, feeding on native plants and whatever they can find. There are young ones that have been born and I remember some very small ones that were following their mums around. There was always a vet present just in case there were any problems with the goats. Once all the goats were led into the fenced area each owner would sort out their goats and load them onto their trailer, 4WD or small truck.

It was a great experience and quite a full morning of walking around, up and down, but then we were rewarded with a fantastic BBQ with local cheese and more. So here are a collection of photos from the archives of what mant visitors to Lanzarote would never see…………










I have many more images so may do a second post soon. Hope you enjoyed a glimpse:)


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