Travels with the Sony Nex………Part 1

As mentioned in my previous post I just got back after 5 weeks visiting my family in Melbourne, Australia. I have begun to transfer all the photos onto my computer for processing but it´s going to take some time to go through them. I actually tookunder 600 photos for the trip so not too many for 5 weeks. Sometimes you read about people taking 500 photos a day but it´s not something I do. Normally I only shoot in RAW but on this occassion I took a few JPEG images as well to see how they would turn out so all of the photos in this post are JPEGs. One feature that I tried out towards the end of my holiday was the sweep panorama and it worked out ok. I´ll try it out a bit more in the future.

This first photo is one I wanted to take from previous trips and the evening was quite still and clear with no rain. I´m not sure what the name of the bridge is but we always call it the Snake bridge…….


It was taken with the Sony Nex-5n and the 16mm f/2.8 and fisheye converter lens on a tripod.

I found myself using the 16mm f/2.8 lens with the fisheye converter and the wide-angle converter quite a lot. Some people have had problems with their 16mm but I have been pleased with mine. I like the compactness of the lens and weight (only 67 grams) and teh fact that you can add the converter lenses at any time. They are both just over 100 grams each so no problems to carry about. I will try to take a few photos of my “TRAVEL KIT” to show what it looks like.

A few more photos……….



The next three are from the MELBOURNE SHRINE. The fisheye lens was perfect for the interior of the Shrine as I wanted to include the amazing interior.



One from the rooftop……


It was great to take photos of Melbourne at night as there are so many interesting buildings around and in future posts I will include some more images. The last photo for now is a panorama using the Sony Nex sweep panorama feature. It only takes photos in JPEG but I was pleased how it worked out. This was actually a test of what it would look like of some trees in the Dandenongs. There were loads of native birds around and a great place for a picnic:)


The camera stitched the photos together very nicely. It is better if the subject is static, otherwise if you have people, cars etc moving about it gets a bit messy. I think this was taken with the Sigma 30mm on the Sony NEX F3???

I hope you enjoyed the sample of images and any comments or questions are always welcome.


10 thoughts on “Travels with the Sony Nex………Part 1

  1. VERY nice images – followed you over from the NEX forum link. Please feed me additional links to succeeding posts.

    Have you tried the Image Trends “Hemi” plug-in that will “de-fish’ these great images? I have the Rokinon 8mm for my NEX-6 and the program is magnificent. It won’t help as much if the camera isn’t level, but if it is, the result is a near-perfect 180 degree super-wide image. Some of your images would be even more stunning with it – you can download a free trial from their web site

    • Hi Mel, thanks for the comment. I´ll have to look into that plug-in. I also took some photos of the wooden pylons with the wide-angle converter but I need to process them. You can follow my Blog by clicking on it I think but I will also post a new link on the NEX forum.
      Regards, Evan

  2. Great pictures! I have a NEX6 as well, and still trying to learn how to get the most out of it. Could you please explain how you ‘blurred’ out the people from pictures 4 & 5? Thanks 🙂

    • Hi there, the people are blurred because it was a long exposure. It was quite dark inside the shrine so as some people were moving about as the photo was being taken they become blurred. Hope this helps. Evan

    • Hi, thanks for the comment and question. I used a fisheye lens for most of these photos so that is why they have a curved appearance. The lens gives a wider angle of view than my wide-angle lens does but you have more distortion. I was just trying out something different and thought the fisheye would work well. Regards, Evan

  3. Hi i am john,i am very interesting to collecting images those you share to us is awesome collection.Photographer should very professional only its possible.I am really enjoy to see those images for ever.thank you, hope more collection like this is happy with us.

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