Travels with the Sony Nex…………Part 2

I managed to get some time today to get some more photos together from my recent holiday in Melbourne. This area is near the Docklands and you can see the Etihad stadium (AFL-Aussie rules) in the background of some of the photos. The evening I took these photos it actually started to rain very, very heavily but we decided to stay in the city to see if the showers would pass and they did. I think that taking photos after the rain is great as you can often get great reflections from puddles of the city lights. I have some other photos that I will need to work on from around Flinders Street that were actually taken whilst it was raining but they had great reflections.

All these photos were taken with the Sony Nex-5n / Sony 16mm f/2.8 and the wide-angle converter lens.


I saw the Sony E-mount 10-18mm wide-angle lens whilst I was there and it would be great to have (especially for my type of photography) but it is a lot of $$$$$$. Sometimes I sell off some of my unused gear and that always goes towards some other photo gear. I have used the Sigma 10-20mm with an EOS to Nex adapter but it is twice the weight and size of the Nex lens. The reason I love using the Nex is for its great IQ and small size, perfect for travelling and carrying around without any hassles.


( I like how the water on the boardwalk and the people passing by adds something to this image)


( Managed to capture a bit of a sunset after the heavy downpour)



( You can see Etihad Stadium in the background)


This was one of the last shots for the evening on the way back to the train station. The best thing was that it was only about 6.15 pm, that is why I love taking photos in the colder months as you don´t have to hang around for ages in the freezing cold. It was getting pretty cold by the end but at least it wasn´t too windy that evening.

I´ve still got quite a number of city photos to work on, so hopefully they´ll turn out ok as it´s a long way to go back to Australia:)


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