Travels with the Sony Nex……..A few more city photos

I´ve been able to process a few more photos from Melbourne, this time around the Southbank area next to the river that runs through the city. There are various bridges that cross over and at night they are lit up quite nicely. You often see quite a few people at night with their tripods set up and of course many people during the day with cameras, smartphones etc taking photos in this area.


By shooting in the evening you are able to use a much longer exposure and therefore don´t get too many people in the frame or standing in the way. The little remote control worked well for a lot of my night time photos.



When I was taking some photos in the area above a couple of black swans came paddling up the river and were very interested in my camera and lens on the tripod. Luckily they didn´t try to attack it:)



And one more from inside the “Snake Bridge” further down the river……..


For my next Blog update I will try and post some photos I took down in Inverloch when we went awway for a few nights at the RACV Inverloch Resort. A beautiful place and made even better with all the wildlife around:)


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