Inverloch……….A few seascapes

When I was in Melbourne my family and I went down to Inverloch for a few nights for a short holiday. It is actually not too far away from where I lived when I was younger and a really beautiful part of Victoria. We stayed at the RACV Inverloch resort which was great with lots of facilities and close to the beach. There was actually quite a bit of wildlife around including kangaroos and wombats, in fact I came face to face with a kangaroo as I turned around the corner of our cabin.

As it would begin to get dark at about 6.00 pm I was able to go to a little place I found, a short drive from the resort, and take a few seascapes. It was just a small part of the coast but there were some great rocks around that made good foreground interest. I only had my small travel tripod but it worked ok with the Sony Nex camera as it is very lightweight. It wasn´t too windy so there wasn´t any movement of the tripod. I managed to get a few shots in before the tide was coming in and I actually got my feet wet on one of the last shots. Luckily it wasn´t too far to drive back and put on some dry socks.

Anyway, here are a few examples from the Inverloch coast. All taken with the Sony Nex-5n/Sony 16mm f/2.8/Sony Nex wide-angle converter lens and Hi-Tech ND Grad filter.








The last photo is the one where I got my feet wet but it was worth it I think.

I went down to this place on two successive nights but the light would fade fairly quickly in the end. Still, enough time to get a few decent photos. On the third night it was raining so I am glad that I went when I did otherwise I would have missed out altogether.


2 thoughts on “Inverloch……….A few seascapes

  1. I am a little put off by the black borders to make the images appear square. This detracts from them needlessly in my appreciation of these beautiful shots, otherwise

    • Hi there, thanks for having a look at my photos. The reason I put the black border is that I used to do it on all my photos when I put them on Flickr. It´s just a habit I guess. When I print my photos out to frame I don´t have the black border there:) Regards, Evan

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