“EL Barco”…..

During the week there were more clouds in the sky and the weather was a little cooler (although still quite warm) so it was a good time to go out in th evening for a few photos. It had been a bit windy in the evenings but on this occasion it wasn´t so I thought that it might be good to go to a familiar place that wasn´t too far away. I got there before the light was fading and there was still a little colour in the sky however when I was going to a different spot I began to slip on the rocks and took a hard fall. It was my own fault for not having a decent pair of shoes on but at least my camera didn´t get smashed and I didn´t hit my head!! Normally I wear a pair of trainers with a good grip but for some stupid reason I was only wearing my thongs (flip-flops), not the ideal footwear for walking around on wet rocks!!

Remember to click on the photos for a better look:)


This rusty piece of metal/chains made for an interesting foreground.


Getting a bit closer to the water´s edge………


And one from another visit to the area some time ago…..


It´s always a popular spot and you can often see people taking photos around here ( usually during the day) but for best results it´s best to go early in the morning or in the evening at sunset. Just be careful on those rocks:)


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