El Charco……

Popped down to El Charco de San Gines yesterday for a few photos. I was hoping that the water would be very still for a few evening reflections of the boats. There was a slight wind so the water wasn´t perfectly still however I managed to get a few photos. I saw that there are a few more boats being restored, new paint jobs etc so will have to go down there again soon.



Both photos taken with the Sigma DP2. I took a few photos later on with my Sigma DP1s so hopefully will upload them soon. I still think that out of all my cameras the Sigma DP cameras are by far the sharpest, rendering a lot of detail. The newer DP Merrill cameras output even bigger files and I have seen quite a few amazing photos from them in terms of Image Quality.  Although they are quite slow to use the final image is worth it but I am glad that I have my Sony Nex camera for wide-angle shots and the ability to use a variety of lenses depending on the situation.

Another image from the evening…..



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