Sigma 10-20mm on the Sony Nex-5n….

Last night I decided to try out the Sigma 10-20mm wide-angle lens on my Sony Nex-5n using the EOS to Nex adapter. I was not able to control the aperture on the Sony Nex with my adapter ( you can with others ) so I set it at f/13 on my Canon DSLR before mounting it on the adapter/camera. Of course it would be great to have an adapter whereby you could change the aperture but they are 100+ euros at the very least. There are more available which is good to know for the future. The Sigma 10-20mm is not exactly light on the Sony Nex but as I am not travelling around weight is less of an issue however for travel purposes I would not take it with me. Ideally the Sony 10-18mm would be in my bag/on my camera but that is a lens which is pretty costly but for the size and weight (225 grams) it would be worth it, especially as you can mount various filters on it without any problems. Anyway, here are a few samples from the evening…….






The last couple of photos were taken when it was getting quite dark so it was a little hard to see where I was focusing but they came out ok. Overall the results were ok and I am going to go back to this spot with the 16mm f/2.8 lens and wide-angle adapter to see how it compares. Maybe in a couple of nights time:)


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