Before the rain……

For the first time in quite some time it was raining here in Lanzarote. The clouds had been quite prominant in the sky and it looked promising for a few photos but I was not sure where to go. Last night the clocks went back so now I will be able to get out for a few more evening photo sessions knowing that I won´t have to wait for ages for the sunset.

Anyway, I decided to go local in Arrecife and managed to catch some nice pink light and the clouds around El Charco de San Gines. I was the only one there taking photos:) I was going to go out near the castle again but decided not to and just as well because as soon as I got back to the car it began to rain:)

EDIT UPDATE: Some of the photos had potential but possibly because of the polariser filter I had an annoying purple tinge in the clouds so I have cropped it out and gone for a more panoramic look with these photos.





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