Man vs Nature…..

It´s been some time since I took a few photos around this area of Lanzarote but a week or so ago I went there in the evening for a change. It was quite a windy day and the water is not normally as choppy as it was that night however it was quite good for photography. I had to make sure that I didn´t get any spray or splashes on the camera as I was getting pretty close to some of the waves. I like the contrast between the natural coastline and the factory building in the back     ( it is actually the islands water plant) which is why I called this post “Man vs Nature”. It was probably not the best day to go swimming as the rocks are quite sharp. I remember a time when a few of us went into the water to catch some sealife to put in an aquarium for school and we all got cut on the rocks coming out! Anyway a few photos are here……..







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