Abu Dhabi……..

Well here is the first Blog post from our new location…Abu Dhabi. My wife and I have been here since the beginning of January and time has certainly gone fast. It is of course very different from our home in Lanzarote however we are going to make the most of our time here. I thought that I would post up a few photos from one of the impressive places in Abu Dhabi, The Grand Mosque. I drive past this on the way home from work and in the evening as dusk falls it is a very unique setting. I am sure I will visit the mosque on many more occasions.







I have a few more photos to share but I am at Starbucks at the moment and it is taking quite some time to upload the photos as we don´t have internet in the house yet. Hopefully in the near future I will be able to post a bit more about Abu Dhabi including some photos:)


9 thoughts on “Abu Dhabi……..

  1. Impresionante ! que lujo de mezquita! muy buenas fotos Evan. Voy a robarte una para mi facebook.Un abrazo .Susi

  2. Hello Mr Australian Roberts 🙂
    I can’t believe you moved to Abu Dhabi, great loss for Lanzarote, you’re an amazing portrayer of the islands beauty!!
    I’ll continue admiring your pictures though, I’ve always found Abu Dhabi an interesting city and want to go there one day so you’re photographs definitely get me closer to the city.
    Thanks for sharing them. Don’t stop!

    Suerte with your new life and all the best, Sol

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