Abu Dhabi……Internet has arrived!!!!

Well finally we had the internet installed this morning after being here 3 months. I am sure that it will be getting lots of use. It has been pretty difficult looking at the net on the phone all this time and the occasional visit to a coffee shop to use their internet but hopefully now I will be able to add a few more blog posts from time to time without waiting so long. Anyway here are a few photos from around Abu Dhabi that I have taken since we have been here…….

The first ones are of the ALDAR HQ along Al Raha beach, the only circular building of its type in the world.

The next ones are of a mosque in Abu Dhabi which we often go past so luckily I had my camera with me that

evening for a few photos.



5 thoughts on “Abu Dhabi……Internet has arrived!!!!

  1. you acted and clicked like a professional photographer. Nice angles, nice clicks, never seen before pictures of Abu Dhabi. Do continue your efforts of projecting wonderful stuff.

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