It´s been a while since my last blog post as it had been very hot in Abu Dhabi and I had not been out taking photos at all. However I have just returned from a holiday in Vietnam so just wanted to share a few initial photos from my time spent there. Vietnam was full of activity and colour which was great for sightseeing and of course photography. I decided to take just my Fujifilm X20 camera which in the end I was very pleased with as it was discreet but versatile enough for a variety of situations. I tried to take a lot of people in everyday situations which is something I had not really done too much of before but a place like Vietnam was an ideal setting for this type of photography. Anyway, here are a few images I have been able to put on the computer but there will be more to follow in some more blog posts in the coming weeks.


I hope to be able to work on a few more photos soon as I have to download them onto my computer. Luckily my old laptop was working again so I was able to use Photoshop Elements but these are all JPEG images from the Fujifilm X20. I took RAW and JPEG photos together but I wanted to see how the JPEGs were and I was happy with the results.


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