Vietnam….from the archives

Not a great weekend here for taking photos but I came across some of my photos from Vietnam. For a moment I thought that I had actually lost them as I couldn´t find them on the computer but I had them backed up on my external hard drive. All photos were taken with the Fujifilm X20 which was the only camera I took on the trip but since then I have bought the XE2 and X100s. Would love to have had them back when I went.

DSCF0265 copyDSCF0291DSCF0404DSCF0539DSCF0555DSCF0558DSCF0581DSCF0587DSCF0600DSCF0609DSCF0814DSCF0894DSCF0913DSCF0914DSCF0915DSCF0994DSCF1089DSCF1135DSCF1217


In terms of photography, Vietnam is a fantastic place, so full of life, action and colour. For anyway who has thought about going there it is certainly an experience and one place that I would enjoy going back to in the future.


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