Mina Port dhow boats

The other night I went out for a few photos hoping for a great evening sky and it certainly was however I missed a tun off and ended up in the city. By chance I was near the Mina Port area which I had thought about going to one day so I ended up there for the evening. I did plan on going to the Sheikh Zayed Bridge which would have been great as the sky was full of clouds and colour. However I went for a little walk around near the wooden dhow boats, hoping to get a few photos. The dhows were packed close together so it was a little bit difficult to get a good angle but still it was interesting to have a look around. Would be great to go back to take a few portraits of some of the people there. I actually had a couple of people ask me to take their photo so I did but I only had a wide angle lens on the camera so it wasn´t that great. As you can see their was a nice pinky hue in the sky but later on the sky was full of orange but facing the other way. These things happen:)


I like the final image as it includes some of the dhows and shows a little bit of Abu Dhabi in the background.


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