INVERLOCH…A few days

Just returned back to Abu Dhabi after 3 weeks back in Melbourne. Always great to be able to visit family and friends in Melbourne, especially after 3 years. We were lucky enough to be able to spend a few days down in Inverloch with the holiday house we stayed in a mere 5 minute walk to the beach. I managed to pop down to the beach one evening for a few photos and was welcomed by some great reflections in very still water. The weather was really nice with clear days which allowed us to have some long walks on the wonderful stretch of sand.

I was trying out some panoramic type images for a change in the 21:9 format so here are a few photos from the evening.






It was worth waiting around for some colour to appear in the sky. The great thing about visiting Melbourne/Gippsland in winter is that you don´t have to wait around for ages at night for sunset. This time around it was at about 5.25pm – 5:35pm. Still needed a warm jacket though:)

A couple more images taken around the pier at Phillip Island…





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