Here are a few more photos, this time from Melbourne. I hadn´t been back to Melbourne for 3 years so it was great to be able to spend some time there. Of course when I am there I love to go into the city to take some photos, especially in the evening. You never know what kind of light you will get, especially in winter when sometimes the days are grey and bland, however it´s just nice to be able to get out and take a few shots. I have a few favourite places to go in the city so I managed to visit those places again. Hopefully I will be able to find some new sites to visit when I am there again:)






I was trying out some different crops, some with the usual 3:2 and also some panoramic 21:9 images. I always take my travel tripod which folds down really small, allowing me to put it in a small bag with my camera. Luckily it was not windy as although the tripod is quite sturdy, when there are strong gusts of wind it can move, especially if the wind catches the filter holder. Here are a few more photos, this time using the 21:9 format.











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