Back home again after a few years abroad so what better way than to get out and take a few photos. Went to a few previous areas around the island that are not too far away from the house as the sun is not setting before 9.00pm. Hopefully can get up a bit earlier in the mornings to take some more photos. Looking foward to trying out a few new places and sights around Lanzarote as well.DSC_0038_00027 - copia - copiaDSCF0117DSCF0120DSCF0122DSCF0125 - copiaDSCF0225DSCF0227DSCF0230DSCF0236DSCF0260DSCF0265

El Charco de San Gines, Las Caletas and Arrieta.

And a few more from this evening but this time inland…


Some very nice evening light and the return of the clouds. Still looking to get some different shots along the coastline so hopefully soon.


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