El Charco de San Gines…

I was able to take a few photos the other evening and I was lucky enough to make it in time to capture some nice evening light down at El Charco de San Gines in Arrecife. There has been talk about moving the boats out of El Charco which would be so sad as it is one place that is a centrepiece of Arrecife, a place which people admire and it brings the area to life with its colourful and weathered boats.

Normally I take most of my photos there looking the other way so it was good to be able to try out a different view point. The light only lasted about five minutes or less so I managed to get a couple of decent shots. Also gave me the opportunity to try out my new Haida ND Grad filter. DSC_0116_00001_01DSC_0117_00002DSC_0119_00003DSC_0121_00003DSC_0123_00001_01DSC_0126_00002

Hopefully there will be a bit more life in the sky soon as most of this week there haven´t been many clouds at all but then again it is still summer.


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