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Hello/Hola. I´ve been a keen photographer for a while now and I thought that as an extension of my Flickr photostream (EWR72 & EROB2012) I would start a WordPress Blog dedicated to Photographs around Lanzarote. Of course I love to go on travels and I will post some favourites from other parts of the world but I would like to share some of the wonders around this little island in the Atlantic Ocean.

Personally,  I prefer the months from late October to February as the light is very nice and there is more life in the sky, especially for landscapes/seascapes. However you never know what the weather will hold and the best thing is to try to get out on a regular basis.

Although Lanzarote is not the biggest of places, it has a changing landscape and an interesting coast which ranges from small coastal villages to jagged rocks pounded by the Atlantic Ocean.




11 thoughts on “About lightoflanzarote

  1. Hi I was looking through your pictures of Lanzarote and love then the colours are great and seem quite rich at times have done anything special to get them that way. I’m a keen amature photographer who still has lots to learnas I’m fairly new to Dslr. I just got a Nikon D5100 last September with an 18-55mm and a 35mm lens. I’m going to Playa Blanca next week my fist time in Lanzarote though I’ve been in the other Islands. Ive just joined a 10 week photography course at college. And I’m missing a photoshoot class at the Botanical Gardens in Glasgow. So I have to take my photos when I’m in Lanzarote and take 20 back to the class. She is looking for the correct composition and exposure and maybe getting some intersting subject matter thats a bit arty or abstract possibly architectural. Hopefullt there is going to be lots of photo opportunitys for me. I’m sure your site have givne me some inspiration.

    • Hi Peter, thanks for the kind comments. I´m sure that you will have a great time down in Playa Blanca. This time of year there are some great sunsets and now that the clouds are big in the sky it adds a lot of drama. Make sure you visit the salt fields (Las Salinas del Janubio) that are close to Playa Blanca. As you drive on a road on the way to places called Los Hevideros and El Golfo there is a beach close to the salt fields where you can park the car and then walk to them. Pay a visit to the cactus garden as the 35mm lens will get you some interesting shots. Also down in Playa Blanca there is a mountain/Volcano that you can climb up and look down into the crater. If you go to a place called Teguise you could visit the Castle (Castillo de Santa Barbara) up on the hill. Also the Village of Teguise is nice to walk around. On Sunday it is very busy though as it is the market. If I could give one tip if you are shooting landscapes try and use a tripod and keep the horizons straight. I always shoot RAW and then process my photos in Lightroom or Photoshop Elements. Have fun and all the best with the photos. Regards, Evan

  2. Hi Evan thanks for the info and advice I’ll try to check out the Salt Fields. And I do plan on going to Montana Roja.

  3. Hi, seen your latest post in the “Freshly Pressed” area – great image.
    I took a look at your other pictures and they’re very good too, thanks for sharing 🙂

  4. Great photgraphs, we still have 3 of yours on our walls and visitors love them, great to see you are still taking them.

  5. Hello Mr Roberts,
    Quite random but I was just sitting trying to start an essay and your photography blog came to my mind. Hadn’t checked it since you told me about it.. 2 years ago, maybe 3 when I left school.
    From now on I’ll check it every now and then. Great pictures of yours, amazing I should say. Thanks for sharing them with us, I’m missing Lanzarote so you’re showing the island back to me in a very passionate way. Thanks again!
    Oh, I’m Soledad from BSL?
    Hope you’re okay 🙂

    • Hi Soledad, thanks for having a look at the photos. I am sure that there are many places around the island that you recognise! It´s a great time of year now for photography in Lanzarote as the landscape changes. Hope all is well and good luck with the essay! Remember, Christmas holidays aren´t too far away:)

  6. Hi Evan, I think my mum used to work with you at a British school in Lanzarote, Jan Harvey? I have just started getting in to photography and set up my own blog. Would love to have some feedback on my photos. I still have the black and white one of the crashing waves up in my house that you did for me nearly 10 years ago!!! I have enjoyed looking through your pics on this site.

    • Hi there, sorry for not replying sooner but we have just moved to Abu Dhabi and it’s been very busy. I hope to update my blog soon with a few photos from around the city. I will be sure to check out your blog as soon as I can. Regards, Evan

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